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Witch type Maids required.Ages of Maids.Work of maids.Salary of Maids.Monthly holiday.Maids works timeing.Service charge.


Generate order number

When you will pay 50% Service charge.Order Number is generate and maids is confirm that time.


Fix INTERVIEW with maid

with in 48 hour.Fix maid INTERVIEW with fild boy.In your home you can concrete to maid.Maid is Elegible for this JOB.please confirm Maids salary


Maids Available in Homes

Maids is Available INTERVIEW next day.Then pay remane 50% and enjoy services.with inone month you can change maid.

Cooks/Nany/Choota work maid
24 hours Maids
12 hours maids
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Get best maid for home ;We have more than 100 merchant in Gurgaon


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MaidsHire Female maid for House Cleaning,Cooks,Nannies for Baby Caretaker,Ayah for child Caretaker,Elderly Care Taker. In NCR Gurgaon

whywe do not charge any fee from maid and our merchant help them.we have 1000 of maid in our network they know that there salary is safe. every maid record we store in our data-base which help us to know more. In NCR Gurgaon

Our Services

Hair maids in One CALL Provide Maids in 48 HOURS

1 hours choota work

1Hours maid/servent sealry is 2000-2500 per month.maids monthly 2 Holiday.1 hours choota Works maid only clening.

2 Time coocking

2 time 2-3 members coocking maid/servent sealry is 5000-5500 per month.maids monthly 3 Holiday.2 time maid Works Coocking,kichen Cleaning,Dusting.

4 hours maid

4 Hours maid/servent sealry is 4500-5000 per month.maids monthly 2 Holiday.4 hours maid Works Coocking 1 time,Cleaning 1 time,clothesetc.

8 hours maids

8 Hours maid/servent sealry is 10000-11000 per month.maids monthly 2 Holiday.8 hours maid Works Coocking 1 time,Cleaning 1 time,Dusting ,Moping,Babycair,clothes wash etc.

12 Hours maid

12 Hours maid/servent sealry is 14000-15000 per month.maids monthly 2 Holiday.12hours maid Works Coocking,Cleaning,Dusting ,Moping,Babycair etc.

24 Hours maids

24 Hours maid/servent sealry is 17000-19000 per month.maids monthly 3 Holiday.24hours maid Works Coocking,Cleaning,Dusting ,Moping,Babycair etc.

Our Services

Maids,Servent,Babyseater,Cooks 24Hours Maids Servent 12Hours maid

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